Thursday, May 21, 2009

One of America’s Top 10 Crisis Management Problems

American-based Terrorist Training Camps: U.S. Prisons

The Bronx synagogue/Stewart airbase attackers, whose operation was foiled in its execution, are Americans who have gone through the U.S. prison system.

America currently houses two million men and women in prisons across the land. This is an average of 50,000 prisoners per state. Judging by what we know of the terrorist “cell” broken up in the last couple days in New York, three things become quite apparent (based on the histories of those captured). They are products of the American prison system. This system produces three things:

  • Converts to Islam (the fastest growing religion in America and in American prisons)
  • Hatred of America
  • Criminals with more criminal experience

By the end of this year, 900,000 prisoners will be released back into American society to be replaced by an equivalent or larger number going in for training, indoctrination, and heightened criminal motivation.

Who’s talking about this issue? Shouldn’t someone be talking about this issue?

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